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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome / Безумный Макс 3: Под Куполом грома (1985)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome / Безумный Макс 3: Под Куполом грома (1985)

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Wandering through a desolate desert, Max encounters the town Bartertown, in which the treacherous Entity rules. Her power is threatened by the dwarf Master, who is constantly carried on the shoulders the giant Blaster. The ruler puts Max an ultimatum - that he could leave the town alive, he will have to win in the hand-to-hand combat of Blaster. Max goes to the arena and defeats the giant, but refuses to deal a fatal blow to him, as he notices that he is a mentally handicapped person. People Entity still kill Blaster, and Max sentenced to a long and painful death. He is tied to a horse and sent to the desert, without water and food. By an incredible combination of circumstances, Max survives. He still has to return to the same Bartertown, where he nearly lost his life ...

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